How long do you spend on your phone? How many times an hour do you reckon you check it?

With the world at the end of your fingertips, social media, the news, games, you name it, you can pretty much access it through your phone. But how long do you really spend checking it and how can we break that addiction

Checking your phone whilst waiting in a line, waiting for a friend, or even when your bored becomes a part of muscle memory. Its easier to get your phone out rather then to stand awkwardly amongst the crowd

But why is it so bad?

Checking your phone even when your laying down means your not really resting, your brain is still working. This is classed as non-productive rest. Our minds are obsessed with multitasking.

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed with how busy you are being on your phone. I know that if I get more then 10 notifications, my mind runs wild panicking about replying to them all.

How to break the habit

Start with turning off your notifications for your apps including social media, news apps, games etc. and just leave the important calls and texts alerts on. You can even try putting your phone on Do not disturb mode. Give yourself a real break!

Be aware of the habit! Try going out without your phone if your able to. Go to the local shops or go for a walk without your phone, and you might find yourself in uncomfortable/awkward situations but you can’t check your phone.

Delete Apps. So instead of just silencing the notifications, try deleting the apps. This is great when you have an exam or something important coming up that you need to concentrate. Your phone should not be a distraction. If you don’t wish to delete the app, then try putting them into a folder away from the home screen.

Find something to replace your phone. This could be either a book, cup of tea a hobby such as sewing or knitting. Something to keep your hands busy to stop you picking up your phone. Blogging is a great one to get into!

 Have a go and see how you get on. Reduce your screen time, improve your rest and your wellbeing will follow!